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The Scottish Highlands are famous within the sporting world, with shooting and fishing being hosted on its rivers and hills since records began. Based in the Highland Capital of Inverness, we at The Scottish Ghillie are ideally placed to offer a variety of fishing opportunities at some of the Highlands most stunning locations. We can also offer both game shooting and deer stalking at several locations throughout the best of the Highlands. We will plan, organize and expedite your trip, maximising your experience in the timescales available. Your excursion, will be meticulously planned to your requirements and budget.

Whether you are seeking the powerful fresh Atlantic salmon or the beautiful brown trout, come and fish for them with us in some of the most healthy rivers and lochs in the world. Looking to bag a beautiful grouse on the glorious 12th or a fast high flying pheasant on one of the fantastic local estates? The hills and forests that make up the Highlands are undoubtedly some of the most picturesque in the world. They are the ideal habitat for several species of deer, from the stunning red deer to the elusive roe and sika. Stalking is a year round activity, let us take you into the awe-inspiring hills or the secretive world of our forests.

About Us

During your stay in the Highlands, we at The Scottish Ghillie, will arrange suitable accommodation. Depending on the type of accommodation you have chosen we can also arrange professional, catering specialising in traditional Scottish fare. The Highlands have a lot more to offer than spectacular shooting and fishing. We can arrange alternative activities. In the local area we have world class golf courses and amazing scenery to explore. Inverness is one of the top outdoor activity destinations within an hours drive we have three exciting Ski resorts. The local area also hosts many Quality Shops, Restaurants and Spa facilities.

We at The Scottish Ghillie cater for all levels of experience in both fishing and shooting. We welcome the less experienced sports person and will coach them to a level to enable them to get the most from their visit by, instructing them to a standard where they will enjoy their chosen sport. Likewise we will facilitate the more experienced sports person to achieve their chosen goal. At The Scottish Ghillie we are proud to offer a friendly, professional and personal service, your enjoyment is of primary importance to us. Whether you are fishing or shooting we are able to supply a majority of the equipment you will require. Please contact us to discuss your excursion.

Our Services

Deer Stalking

Red Deer are the largest of the deer species in Scotland. They originally lived in the forests of Scotland, as the forests have declined they have moved out into the glens and onto the mountains. red deer stalking is steeped in tradition. The stalker will select a beast to be shot, this is based on several factors including size and health of the heard. Stalking red deer is a special experience, one that you will never forget. We can provide a wide range of stalking opportunities around the local area including hill ground and woodland.

Roe Deer stalking is an exciting form of hunting. Pitting your wits against a very accomplished quarry. The woodlands provide cover for both hunter and hunted, this said with the correct guidance a good deal of opportunities can be had. As with the Red deer, we have woodland and open fields on which to stalk the roe deer. We also have a number of high seats at strategically good locations.


Atlantic Salmon. Arguably the most challenging way to fish. Fly fishing with a two handed fifteen foot rod throwing a long bellied Spey line across a legendary river has to be the pinnacle of any fisherman's achievements. To then hook a spring fish and have what must be the most exciting fight from a freshwater fish, listening to your reel scream as the fish careers off down the river, an unforgettable experience. In the Highlands the salmon fishing season starts in January and runs through to October.

Brown Trout fishing can take you to some of the most glorious countryside in Scotland. From idyllic hill lochs to lochs on an altogether grander scale. From small streams (burns) to majestic rivers running through glens carved out of the rock by glaciers. Brown trout fishing quite often entails a degree of stalking, watching for the fish then setting your ‘Fly’ to entice the veracious hunters to take. Then with small tackle the fight is on, they really do fight hard. A landed trout is an achievement to be proud of. The trout season runs from March through to October.

Sea Trout. Being a migratory fish, the sea trout, is a welcome visitor to our rivers. The fish will spend six months of the year out at sea in their feeding grounds. Coming back into the rivers during the summer whiling away the long days waiting for the Autumn to spawn. For the river fisher looking to catch sea trout the hours of darkness call. On a warm summers night when the rivers are low and the clouds are out. On a loch the Dapping rod is a good choice. Sea trout fishing is best during the months of June, July and August.

Game Shooting

Driven Shoots are a popular way to enjoy game shooting. The “Gun” is treated to an organised day of shooting. The day is normally split up into several set drives. These entail being taken to a peg to await game birds being driven overhead by the shoots beaters. Game birds include grouse, pheasant, woodcock, snipe and partridge. The shot birds are then picked either by the Guns dog or the pickers up dogs. A Gun can usually bring a partner to enjoy the day. Several Guns can be accommodated. The season starts in August with the glorious 12th for the grouse and finishes in February.

Walked Up or Rough Shooting a rewarding way of shooting game. The “Guns” walk in line moving through an area inhabited by game. This is a marvelous way to watch the Beater’s dogs hunting ahead and working hard to flush out your quarry. The dogs then pick the shot birds. The game can consist of grouse, pheasant, woodcock, snipe and partridge to name a few. Of these the woodcock and snipe can be very challenging. Seasons for the game birds start from August through to February.

Duration and Timings of activities

Activities such as Stalking, Shooting and Fishing are very much controlled by the 'Seasons' and time of day, light. We will advise guests of the best times to undertake their chosen activity. Generally fishing will start at 9am and finish at approx 5pm, the day being split into 4 hour windows. this enables a guest/s to enjoy a morning or afternoon separately or the whole day. Exceptions to this would be for example Sea Trout, a 4 hour window in the evening would be preferable. Stalking is very much the same, mornings and evenings are preferable. More advice on timings for specific activities would be given on request. Weather has also an effect as with any outdoor activity, again more advice will be given.


Claire Ball - 5 star. Really friendly and patient. Would recommend.

Paul King - 5 star. Pleasant & friendly manner will make ur experience of fishing & hunting in Scotland one that u remember for ever.

Douglas Sutherland - 5 star. Special combination of tact understanding and patience to teach beginners and pass on tips to improve the skills of those with many years of experience in angling.


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